Triple Crown

City of Pleasanton

Alameda County Proclamation

California Outdoors Hall of Fame

ADT Completion

Today Show appearance after ADT Completion.
The Today show insisted that the interview be live. That meant we were to be at the TV truck and ready at 5 AM. The truck was on the other side of Pt Reyes. The Park Superintendent was looking for us at 4 AM. We had originally told the news people we would be camping on the beach. Fortunately we found a better solution and we were at the hostel about a mile up the hill. It was probably better since it wasn’t legal to camp on the beach.

It was still very dark when we arrived at Park Headquarters, but the park rangers had hot coffee ready. Wow! What a treat.  Ken and Marcia on Today Show


The day after we finished we did a fun, live radio interview. .