ICT 058 Upper Priest Lake

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8/30, High Elevation 4023′, Low Elevation 2458′, 26.0 miles

We hadn’t walked 15 minutes down Hunt Lake Road when we passes two fantastic off-road camp sites. Car campers make huge, level camping areas and these were the best. Oh, well.

Walking down the road was easy and we were spurred on by our glimpses of Priest Lake. We walked to Park Headquarters for a calorie-laden brunch. We carried sodas when we left for lunch and tea time. Miles flew by on the smooth road. We had plenty to look at as we walked: cabins and water toys like boats and jet skis.

We got to Lion Head CG and made an early dinner while sitting at a picnic table at the lake’s edge. This is supposed to be grizzly territory so we got rid of our garbage and hiked on. The Campground host stopped to talk to us. He lives in Nevada so he knew where our hike started.

We answered, incorrectly, “yes” when he asked if we knew where our next trailhead was located. He ignored our answer and told us it was an ATV trail in about 200 feet on the right. What a stroke of luck! We would have passed the new trail and looked for the old one .3 miles later!

Our evening walk was as beautiful as any part of the trail. We had one last wade-with-shoes-on creek crossing and a stroll through mossy forest. We had planned on camping lakeside but weren’t sure if bear boxes were there so when we got to a rock knoll we knew that we had found our camp site. The moon was just about full so we took photos of it shining through branches above our tent. What a perfect spot for our last night on the trail!


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