ICT 060 Metaline Falls WA to our car in Hailey, ID

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Our hiker-savvy motel owner offered to drive us down the highway to the restaurant in the other part of town. He said that the restaurant owner would call him to fetch us after we had eaten. We each ate a breakfast and reordered a second. Then we asked for three bag lunches with extra cookies.

Back at the motel I called Geologist Jim, aka MudMan, who we had chatted with at Naples. He had just finished his morning run and had the day available to drive us. I asked for a ride to Spokane which was closer than Boise.

Jim drove north from Naples into Canada, west through Canada, then south into WA until he got to Metaline Falls. He told us he would pick us up in two hours. What a HUGE kindness!

Our multi-hour drive south to Spokane went by quickly as we talked about the geology of the scenery, local history, backpacking gear, family, running and a dozen other topics. I really hope that we see Jim again or at least read TrailJournal entries of a long hike by MudMan.

We checked a box with stove, tent stakes, knives. I bagged our toiletries. TSA went through Ken’s pack because he left the gps inside his Ti cup. It looked suspicious on the x-ray. Our packs show some wear with duct tape patches and our clothes are tattered and ripped beyond any more use but we didn’t have any problems flying on just purchased one way tickets to Boise. In Boise we rented a car at the airport for the drive to pick up our car in Hailey.

Our heads were spinning. We traveled all these unplanned legs by car and plane, all those miles, and we hadn’t been off the trail 24 hours. Our Other Life goes by too fast. That’s why we…


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