ICT 057 Hunt Creek Road

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8/29, High Elevation 6561′, Low Elevation 2723′, 16.7 miles

Fault Lake should be on everyone’s hiking list. The trail on the far side of McCormick Creek is on an old roadbed so the gain in elevation is consistent but easy. Brush was cut back this season so the trail is clear. Just before the lake the trail climbs more steeply but the views and scenery make every step worth the effort. We followed a mountain biker up the trail and met up with him again at the top!

We left Fault Lake to hike cross country past two knobs to the saddle above Hunt Lake. Even without trail hiking was very easy on slabby rock through sparse vegetation. Rain fell as we started to make our way down the trail-less boulder field down the chute to Hunt Lake making our descent too tricky to negotiate while wearing ponchos. We put on shells over our fleeces and let our packs get wet. We used our arms and quads to lower ourselves down enormous boulders to huge rocks. Still on boulders we then made our way around two sides of the lake and onto the Orange Dot Trail across and down even more boulders.

I was ready for trail or road walking by the time we made it to Hunt Road (which leads to Priest Lake Road). We chatted with a mother and her children, nieces and nephews while we rested and dried out at the beginning of the road. She gave us her cell phone number and offered a ride to Spokane from the trail’s end when we finished!

Our campsite was a wide spot on Hunt Lake Road. There was one SUV on the road as we walked down so we waited for them to leave before we turned in for the night.


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