ICT 056 Pack River Road at Homestead Creek

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8/28, High Elevation 2744′, Low Elevation 2060′, 23.5 miles

Today was a fun day in spite of the road walk!

Breakfast at the B&B was delicious and leisurely. Our omelets featured veggies from the garden out front. The late start was well worth the second servings. Yum.

The morning miles were a road walk, first on a gravel road with little traffic and nice mountain views. The highway walk to Samuels was downright scary with the logging trucks whizzing by, the chip trucks scattering chips as the flew by, the garbage transports reeking as they thundered by between the normal traffic of cars and motorcycles.

We passed a barber shop and stood considering trims but decided that we didn’t want to wait the few minutes until it opened.

Samuels was at the junction of the highway and Pack River Road. The gas station mini mart is good enough for a resupply. It even has fresh fruit so I bought an orange. They not only had a lunch counter to sit at while eating microwave food but also a very nice lunch room. As we were putting our packs away from foot traffic the waitress asked, “Are you the hikers? My brothers showed me you website.” We even knew her name from our chat with her brothers just before the lookout a few days ago! Our huge sandwiches were excellent!

The stroll up Pack River Road was fun. The higher up we climbed the less traffic there was. We chatted with drivers when they stopped to ask what we were doing. The afternoon was quite warm. At tea time we looked for rocks or logs to sit in but there was just the dusty road. When I pulled out the tyvek to sit on and a SUV drove up and the driver handed us icy cold bottles of water. She said she would drive us to garden so we could sit in the shade for our break and then she also said that she would drive us back to this very spot. She and her husband are landscapers so the break in beautiful garden was all kinds of cool. Our normal 15 minute break stretched to a 90 minute treat.

We hiked until just before dark. Ken filtered water while I set up camp in a turnout with a fire ring and a wooden pallet. I used the Pallet for a table so we had upscale accommodations. Good, food all day, good campsite and interesting people to talk to all day. That’s why we…


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