ICT 000 Camped at the Nevada Border (near Murphy Hot Springs)

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7/3, Day 000 At the border

Idaho was granted statehood 7/3/1890. The ICT was designated in 1990. I think we are in the exact right spot on the right day.
We are camped at the border at 6001′, toasting the state of Idaho with water, of course. Becki, Steve and Aiden drove in to camp with us. Company when it’s raining on a campsite always makes the evening more cheerful. We had good conversation and a short walk and lots of photos.

Our packs will be heavy when we get an early start tomorrow. We decided not to cache water. We pared down gear in order to carry a gallon of water per person per day to get us to Winter Camp, approximately 50 miles away, which is our first on trail water source.

We’re hoping that yesterday’s heavy rain storm settled dust but didn’t collect to make mud.

Here is the rest of the camera story: repair would take at least a week and be almost expensive as a new camera. We looked for a new camera that uses the same proprietary batteries that we have charged and packed. We found a weatherproof Olympus at Costco. It was the demo so we got both a discounted price and extra xD cards. It also has a padded case so the same accident won’t happen again. Our ULA Packs have a great hip pocket for camera. Being lightweight, we tried not to carry an extra case, but that seems to be too risky.


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  1. Hello Ken & Marcia,
    I am considering hiking the ICT next summer. I would really appreciate it if I could ask you some questions about your experiences on the trail. Of particular concern to me is the water availability in the desert segments of the hike, and the trail conditions (easy to follow, etc) in the wilderness areas (Frank Church and Selway-Bitterroot).

    Please let me know if you’re available to answer questions via email. Thank you!

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