OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Idaho Centenial Trail offers a unique challenge to long distance hikers. The terrain varies from the high desert in the south to rain forest in the north. Between you will cross two of the largest wilderness areas in the lower 48 states, separated only by a one lane dirt road.   Resupplying food and equipment is a huge challenge. You will pass through four towns and one backcountry lodge- none of which have a full service grocery store. The good news is there are landing strips in the wilderness areas inhabited by friendly and hospitable people. We were able to ship packages into the wilderness, but there was no way to supplement the food and supplies we shipped. The trails got tough, and we lost a lot of weight. On one occasion we had no food for one full day and had to hike our normal pace to reach our next resupply.   The ICT is among the toughest trails we have hiked and also among the most scenic. It was definitely the most remote. We compare each piece of the trail to the best of other trails. Overall as scenic as the PCT and as rugged and challenging as the CDT. Some of the forest is even as thick as the AT even though it is conifer forest. The southern desert is like the deserts on the PCT and CDT with fewer signs of civilization. The Sawtooths are as beautiful as the high sierra. Ridgelines along the Idaho/Montana border produce vistas comparable to the CDT.   If you are ready for the challenge the scenery won’t disappoint you.   Our Itinerary for the ICT   Maps for the ICT   …Gottawalk   Brian Frankles ICT journal is at: Idaho Centennial Trail ’08 | Dead Reckoning.