Day 150 50 Mountain Campsite

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9/23, day 150, 20 mi, 7420′
We hiked over the Continental Divide twice today. Both times were set in spectacular glacial carved passes. The last is just above our campsite. The view west from here includes many carved peaks, hence the name Fifty Mountain Camp. Other hikers told us to leave the door of the privy open. The view is great! We got several good sunset pictures.
Marcia met a herd of 7 mountain sheep at a blind corner. She took one picture and was out of film. Being a good Boy Scout I was prepared with a fresh roll of film. The sheep just grazed along the trail while we reloaded. Then we got several good shots!

There is a deer running around the campsite making a nuisance of himself. I wonder if he knows about hunting season. He is safe within the park.

We met 2 day hikers while eating lunch. One was very familiar with the CDT. She spent a week as trail crew this summer down by Dillon. We knew the section of trail and told her it was one of our favorite trail sections. We were both excited to have met the other.


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