Day 149 Many Glacier CG

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Subject: 9/22, day 149, 15 mi, 7320′
We got up this morning and hiked up Piegan Pass. We gained 3000′ by noon. Piegan Pass overlooks Going-to-the-Sun highway on the east side if the divide.

We ate lunch huddled under a ledge out of the wind. It had one of the best views in Glacier. We could see several miles of the Garden Wall. The Garden Wall is an arête formed by 2 glaciers carving opposite sides of a mountain. We were seeing a 2500′ vertical drop with conifers and other plants hanging on it. There were also several waterfalls. A couple dropped 1500-2000 feet in cascades.

We hiked down to the base of the wall for closer looks of the falls. Then we started toward Many Glacier campground. A few miles before the camp we scared up 3 moose. Shortly we started to see day hikers and knew we were getting close.

The temperature at Many Glacier was freezing. We hurriedly set up camp, cooked, and went to bed.

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