Day 141

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9/15, day 142, 25 miles
We hiked up over the divide from hunting areas to the game preserve for the 1st day of hunting. As we came down we reached The Bog of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. We are in forest so dense that I don’t think the sun ever reaches through the high canopy and multi levels of under story to the mud. Add seeps, streams and creeks and the trail gets gooier. Like Eskimos that can name dozens of ice or snow we can identify 77 kinds of mud. They range from quick mud where a hapless hiker is sucked knee deep and two hikers need fast reaction time to save the hiker and shoes. The other end of the spectrum is mud that looks slimy wet but is stiff enough to allow a skinny hiker with big feet to pass by but causes deer and elk to posthole. We haven’t had dry feet for days but have soft skin and no calluses on our feet.

… Gottawalk


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