Day 140 Chinese Wall

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9/13, day 140, 19.8 mi, 7020′
plus 2 miles to get to the trail

Indian Summer with red or gold colors showing in the ground foliage is a new hiking high. Forest scents include pine, herbs, berries, mushrooms and other tantalizing scents that I can’t identify. Too short days are warm and sun filled, nights are crispy cold.

We’re in the Bob Marshall Wilderness rock hopping a dozen creeks (cricks) and following the West Fork of the South Fork of the Sun River (seriously!) to the Chinese Wall. We talked to hikers # 14 & 15 in 800 MT miles. They were on their way out and gave us leftovers of tomatoes and a cucumber. They were immediately eaten as were the wasabi peas. We also shared the trail with pack trains of ridiculous length setting up camps for hunters since hunting season starts this weekend. We are hurrying to get out of the way.
As we lie in our tent tonight we can hear the elk bugling. They are safe here in a wildlife refuge, but just over the divide the hunters are preparing for the hunt.

… Gottawalk

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