Day 138 Dearborn River

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9/11, day 138, 23.6 mi., 6750′
We woke before sunrise right on the divide sheltered in short trees. Soon we saw the pink sunrise out the tent window. The morning was so balmy that we weren’t sure we needed jackets and we wore shorts for the first time in a long while.

Hiking was as perfect as the weather: trails with wonderful views or forest. We entered the 1988 Scapegoat burn area that burned more acres than the Yellowstone fire. The burn came up the Atlantic side to the trail on the divide and stopped. The trees on the Pacific side didn’t burn so on the right were silver snags and on the left a full forest with the trees a couple of feet taller than the snags.

We hiked an elegant Jim Wolf Guide variation this afternoon. We walked from a junction .6 mi., went up a creek to a meadow, climbed due north out of the meadow to the divide, and walked the divide until we hit a trail. What a great adventure, right on the divide with a view of beautiful, multi-faceted Scapegoat Mtn. And we saved 8 miles and over 2000 feet of climbing. That’s what the CDT is all about. And we saved 8 miles and over 2000 feet of climbing.

Tonight as Ken filtered water from a deep hole in the Dearborn River. He saw 2 fish jump just a few feet away. If only we had the time, we might have had fresh fish!

… Gottawalk

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