Day 136

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Ken or Marcia Powers
C/O General Delivery
US Post Office
237 Main St
Lincoln, MT 59639

CDT through hiker
Estimated Pick-up Date 9/13/2002
Will hold packages indefinitely.

9/9, day 136, 24.8 mi., 8,000′
Morning was a clear blue sky and howling cold wind. We left the tent each wearing 2 pairs long pants, 3 jackets, multiple hats and gloves. I should have put my bandana over my face (Ken has a beard). Our packs were lighter but we still had a couple of layers more. We also slept well in our 20* down bags. When we got to Lincoln we heard that the temp fell to 20* during the night in town. We are pleased that we were warm enough with some more warmth in reserve. However, we’ll take warmer weather if it comes!

Hiking was some of the most spectacular we’ve done. We were right on the divide up & down on an escarpment dropping down on the east and rolling down on the west. The horizon was a straight line to the east…flat! Strong winds all day made me glad that I didn’t sail to flat eastern MT.

No animals or people all day. I think all were sheltering from the wind or hiding from hunters.

At 7:45 we rode down to Lincoln to eat, shower and do laundry and will go right back up. The weather channel makes the weather look better than we have had in the last week.

The last few days have reinforced lessons about map geometry. Maps show flat miles and elevation changes. Think of miles as the bottom of a right triangle and the elevation change (either up or down) as the upright. As hikers we walk the hypotenuse. And the steeper the trail the slower we hike. We call these ‘long miles’. This last section was steep nearly the whole way.

… Gottawalk

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