Day 131

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9/4, day 131, 24.5 mi., 8550′
Today was excruciatingly frustrating interspersed with moments of pure joy when the trail was there in the woods. Our emotions went up and down wildly like our hiking… and we climbed a 40% grade today.

Our quad had the trail printed 1/2″ too far north on the map. That caused anxiety until we figured it out. At the same time trail had been closed by dragging trees and brush onto it. We still hiked it (tough going) until we figured that we were supposed to hike where the trees were cut, the first time we’ve followed stumps as trail because there was no tread, also tough going. This was trail rerouting in addition to proposed but unbuilt trail. All of this made us so slow that we didn’t reach water before dark so dinner was Chex Party Mix and we were celebrating that it was bedtime.

The joyful highs were beautiful forest, a great sunset, and 2 backpackers taking notes and waypoints for Jim Wolf’s guide. I was also very happy every time a trail reroute ended and we were someplace as opposed to lost. I guess it’s a good thing that every day is different.

… Gottawalk

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