Day 130

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9/3, day 130, 25 mi.
Today is our 35th anniversary. I proposed that we celebrate it by hiking 35 miles and Ken countered with 35 km (21.7 mi.). We compromised.

A beautiful pink sunrise woke us and we started walking 45 min. later with a blue sky. By 9:00 we were getting sprinkles so we tried out our new REI ponchos, much faster coverage than a jacket and garbage bag pack cover. Still the sprinkles didn’t last much longer than it took to cover up.

We had the woods to ourselves after Labor Day. Packing the tent woke a squirrel who scolded us until we left his turf. Our first mile led us to marshy Bison Creek, prime moose habitat. Ken heard and saw one as it crashed away in the water. A hawk with wingtips curled up flew low overhead with repeated hoarse cries. Right before Champion Pass we had the best sighting and photo when I saw a dark brown cub running parallel to us about 20′ through the trees. He sat down to watch as I took his picture. Ken frantically looked for the mother who came up the hill. She chased the cub back into the woods. It was a great day on the trail.

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