Day 128 Homestake Lake CG

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9/1, day 128, 22 mi.,
The divide circles 270* around Butte, crossing I15 twice and I90 once so we feel like we’re hiking in a settled area. We’re below the divide. A proposed route is on the divide but hasn’t been built because of survivalist issues. We have been advised to be alert.

Today was breezy and we saw every kind of cloud formation possible followed by blue sky. Twice we saw Butte in the distance and both times the city was in cloud shadow and the Berkeley Pit glowed golden in sunlight.

Today is the first day of hunting, birds with guns and everything with bows. We saw no wildlife today.

Our big climb to the divide came this evening. Then we went down to Homestake Lake Campground which is now a picnic only area. It was after sunset so nobody saw us camp there. We slept well.

… Gottawalk

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