Day 124

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8/28, day 124, 10,250′, 24 mi.
We originally planned to hike south and snow levels changed our minds. When we flipped to northbound we must have miscalculated mileage in our itinerary because we have about 27 more miles in this section than we realized until today. We carry an extra day of food but we’ll have to hike more miles per day. We also want to get to Butte’s PO before Labor Day Weekend so we don’t have to wait for Tuesday.

We started after Ken changed the battery in his altimeter and repaired the stove, which fell into 2 pieces. We packed the wet tent and wore our rain pants but we had sun rather than rain today. That and fantastic trails made a wonderful hiking day. We had beautifully arranged switchback down from Cutaway Pass and up to another Rainbow Pass. Coming down from Goat Flat was on a cliff and the trail was exciting. We passed Page, Upper & Lower Seymour Lakes and Flower Lake. We saw Larch trees that look like pines but lose their needles annually.

Today was a great hiking day in a beautiful area.

… Gottawalk

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