Day 121

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8/25, day 121, 19.5 mi., 7960′
Wisdom was a nice tiny town stop. The best part was sitting inside a good restaurant during a downpour. A professional backpack guide took us back to Chief Joseph Pass on his way home to the West Fork of the Bitterroot River (what a great sounding address!). We got lots of mileage for starting at 11 am.

We spent a pleasant day rolling along the divide through open forest and burn areas that are beginning to grow back. We hear birds and got a good deer picture. We spent an hour on a trail that has not been maintained, but was flagged for repairs and signed as the CDT. After climbing over scores of blowdowns we found a parallel road that was faster and easier.

Afternoon break was a Coke I carried up and extra walnut Choc chip cookies from Marta. Lucky us.

Clouds have been forming and breaking up all day so we expected rain that never developed.

We will not hike in Idaho again. As the divide leaves Chief Joseph Pass the state boundaries are west of the divide and Montana encompasses both sides of the divide. We have 610 miles to Canada and all are in Montana.

… Gottawalk

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