Day 115 Lemhi Pass (Lewis & Clark were here)

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8/19, day 115, 9490′, 25.2 mi.
We crossed the 45th Parallel this afternoon. The US-Can border is at 49 degrees, so as a crow flies we are about 336 mi from the border. As the CDT meanders we have more than double that.

The more important historical crossing was at Lemhi Pass. Lewis & Clark crossed the divide for the first time there on 8/12/1805. The pass had been used by the Indians so much that a two horse wide trail existed. The pass was later named by Mormon settlers.

We got water at Sacagawea Memorial Camp Ground from Far Distant Spring. It was named by Lewis. He believed it to be the end of the Missouri River they had been following.

Most of our hiking today was in forest and a lot in Lodge Pole pine forest. Lower branches on the trees die, but the crowns are dense enough and the trees close together so that very little is growing on the forest floor. This is the forest from my childhood. We really enjoyed being on the divide but sheltered from the wind. The sky is so overcast that night will be here early. I wanted some full moon pictures so I’m hoping for a clear evening tomorrow.

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