Day 112

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8/16, day 112, 10,000′, 24.6 mi.
Fatigue. Getting up before sunrise and hiking until dark, then setting up camp and cooking using photons for light. Mental fatigue sets in after lunch and neither of us wants to lead because of the constant awareness needed to find the route. This section has elevation gain equal to Weminuche and more route finding and less trail. The 4 hikers ahead of us ran out of food and bailed out because they couldn’t get their mileage.

On the other hand, we still enjoy the hiking and the incredibly beautiful area that we’re gazing down on. Ken walked down to a spring and we are drinking the world’s best water. We passed 2 herds of pronghorn playing their watching game this morning. I like playing the MT/ID game; lunch in which state or can I manage both. MT is ahead on campsites made, ID has more photos taken.

We saw two day hikers from Idaho Falls at sunset using a telescope to watch an elk cow and her twin calves. After hiking on until 10 we camped right on the border. Ken slept in ID, I slept in MT and our feet pointed towards the way we will walk in the morning.

Actually, I think it’s time for a town stop. Jonathan Ley bought 24 milkshakes for thru hikers at the Sage Cafe in Leadore. I’m trying to decide what flavor. One SoBo hiker even told me which waitress makes the largest shake. Hikers have a one track collective mind. The sad news is that my cookies are all gone.

… Gottawalk

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