Day 111

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8/15, day 111,
A naughty little mouse chewed a hole in Thomas’ Bibler Tent last night at beautiful Deadman Lake. If I could have found the culprit the lake would have become Deadmouse Lake.

We started hiking on real trail this morning. Early on we crested a ridge at a rock cairn and had no clue of our next direction. We sat down and consulted the useless guide, used the map and put names to the peaks in front of us, found our lat & long with the gps, and thought that perhaps we should go down the steep rock and sage covered hill. By this time the sun was higher in the sky and now illuminated a cairn down the hill to the south. Lights should always come on for all of us just like that.

We got to a trailhead with an arrow pointing out our trail: Bear Creek, 5 mi. Our guide says Bear Creek at this point is 1.8 mi. away. I don’t mind the distance, but if that happens too many times the reunion at Bannock Pass will happen without us and family will call Search & Rescue.

We met a hiker on the trail late this morning. First hiker we have seen since Yellowstone Park. As he strode up the trail towards me he called out Marcia!, Ken! Remember me? When we said no, he admitted that hikers in front of us put him up to it. He is a CDT section hiker using the same guide that we are and is as frustrated as we are. He called the author “the loony b….” ,put the guide deep in is pack and is hiking without it.

… Gottawalk

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