Day 109

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8/13, day 109, 20 mi., 9145′
This was a beautiful day for hiking with perfect temp, a slight breeze and a big blue sky with wisps of clouds on the horizon. We saw FS workers on the trail, the first people on the trail since YNP. We also watched a cow and calf moose with another adult moose at Little Beaver Creek and 3 pronghorn on the divide.

All those pluses compensated for the nightmare route finding and extra miles. I don’t know if we’re hiking the “real” CDT because sometimes we have to figure a way from here to there and go. Until noon today we continued hiking along a divide fence. No trail, just very steep ups and downs with lots of round rocks and sagebrush.

Beautiful sunset again and I took several shots. Our tent is set up facing it so we enjoyed it for a long time.

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