Day 108 On the Divide again after Lima

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Ken or Marcia Powers
C/O General Delivery
US Post Office
700 Peat St
Lima. MT 59739

CDT through hiker
Estimated Pick-up Date 8/18/2002

Will hold packages 30 days.

Hours: M-F 0800 – 1630
Sat 1000 – 1300

Subject: 8/12, day 108, 20 mi., 8490′
We made it to Lima this morning and will go back to the trail after eating. The MT/ID divide is slow hiking because of difficult navigation and not much trail. We want to get to Leadore right on schedule to meet family.

We will catch up on journals next week. Cookies arrived in Lima so we can power hike up the divide!

We hiked down Long Creek and under I-15. Nothing special, just an 8 mile road walk through sagebrush and cows.

Lima was a quick visit and right back to I-15 and up the divide. No trail, just the border fence. When the ridge is narrow I have to traverse the side below the fence. The wind is constantly blowing across the divide.

The ground is covered with tundra and an occasional patch of hated sage. Polished rocks of various colors dot the turf. They look like river rocks, but how did they get up here at 8000 feet? Where did all the varieties come from? How long does it take for lichen to grow on them?

Our tent is just below the divide in a very small bowl. We have a balcony view of ridges flowing away from the divide and turning pink as the sunsets. The cattle bawling 2000′ below sound like a distant lullaby. We’re home.

Just as we went to bed there were motor noises way below us. As Ken peeked out the door to investigate a star shot clear across the horizon.

… Gottawalk

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