Day 106 Aldous Lake Trailhead

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8/10, day 106,
We hiked from Lillian Lake cross-country towards Blair Lake, stumbled on a trail, took it and connected to real CDT tread. Climbing up we walked on an old closed mining road along the divide. The road looks the same as the surrounding hills completely covered with low growth. Walking was a stickers-in-socks nightmare and for the first time we wished for gaiters.

Our goal for the day was past a trailhead to Aldous Lake. We’re beginning to see inadequacies in the guide (CDTA Montana guide). We got to a unmentioned junction and had a choice of 2 FS roads. Ken knew where to go only because of a road number the SOBO hikers mentioned.

Camping at the trailhead was fun because a small creek was right beside an established campsite, so living was easy and dinner was good.

… Gottawalk

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