Day 105 Lillian Lake

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8/9, day 105,
We hiked out of Macks Inn and route problems began even before leaving town. A new development is going in on the road we wanted so out map wasn’t accurate. We were headed for Sawtell Mtn, a huge landmark mtn with a flat top. FAA has an antenna on the top enclosed in a gray fiberglass sphere 70′ in diameter. We met the FAA people on the road. They stopped and wanted to know what we were doing, so we exchanged info. Near the top of the peak we found a trailhead, took the trail that wasn’t on our map but was headed our way. When we got above Hell Roaring Creek drainage we dropped off and followed the drainage down to Lillian Lake. We had lots of decisions to make over a long distance like stay high and contour around tributaries or traverse down and risk running into too much water. The miles were slow going.

Lillian Lake was a small gem and we camped there in a great stand of conifers.

… Gottawalk

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