Day 103 Macks Inn

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8/7, day 103, 8550′, 27 mi.
Summit Lake was beautiful when we got up and Ken took pictures as he filtered water. We set out across the flat Madison Plateau and somewhere, without a sign, left WY and entered Idaho. The YNP border was about 2 miles later. The Plateau was barren in places, burned and sprouting young trees in other places and had patches of mature trees that escaped the 1988 fire.

The day turned out to have 2 unsuccessful water chases. That meant extra miles (more than the 27 miles we expected) and no water until evening. We came down to another Moose Creek. The last 12 miles we averaged 3.3 mi/hr into Macks Inn so we’re here early. Just as we approached town we saw a big moose crossing the road ahead. I tried to get a picture but a pickup passed by and frightened him into the woods. We ate pizza and camped at FS Flatrock Camp Ground. Post Office this morning opens at 9 and we’ll be on our way a day early to Lima. We may take a 0 day in Lima and sit in a motel and eat cookies! Actually, I want to make phone calls without standing at a pay phone.

We are on schedule to meet my sister Becki at Bannock Pass for a ride and time with her in Leadore.

… Gottawalk

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