Day 101 Short of Old Faithful

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8/5, day 101, 8175′, 10 mi.
We packed up at Moose Creek campsite and forded the creek. In quick succession we had a wonderful forest hike up and down, a sandy beach walk along Shoshone Lake looking for water fowl, slopped through a lush wet marsh and topped that all off with a series of geysers immediately beside the trail! This is world class hiking and picture taking. The 10 miles was to our next assigned camp site. So we put up the tent and hung everything on the bear pole and went on a 10-mile day hike. Our high point today was over the divide at Grant’s Pass. Our day hike also included lunch and ice cream at Old Faithful. We had to pick up the permit to hike and camp where we’ve been since entering the park…we’re legal. I’m so glad we opted for a slow schedule so we’re able to see all of these great sights.

… Gottawalk

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