Day 099 Heart Lake CG

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8/3, day 99, 18.4 mi., 8470′
We had YNP all to ourselves. We hiked 12 miles down the Snake River and never saw a soul. Then we started up the Heart River and made it 3 miles before we saw anyone. Four people were camped at the end of Heart Lake. Only people we saw all day. They were yelling “Hey, bear” every few minutes. Seems they had a visitor in the middle of the night last night.

A thunderstorm and heavy rain started around 3:30. We had several miles to our designated camp site so we kept on hiking but got wet in the heavy rain. The sun came out just as we arrived at our campsite, so for the second time today we dried everything. We were able to cook at the fire ring away from our tent. The view of Heart Lake and Mt. Sheridan from our tent is incomparable and we can hear Sandhill Cranes again (YNP has over 100 nesting pairs).

Food is hung and I hope we sleep without visitors. Bear spray and camera are ready, just in case.

As we climb into our sleeping bags the thunder is starting to rumble again.

… Gottawalk

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