Day 096

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7/31, day 96, 9160′, 15.6 mi.
Chores were done in Dubois and the motel owner took us back to the trail. He’s NRA and hates wolves, both common in the west.

Our mileage will be low for a week because of the camping reservations given to us by Yellowstone rangers. We’re very excited about Yellowstone back country and slow days are fine. We are in Grizzly territory so our camping style has changed. Dinner is early, on the trail and a couple of miles before camp. Yellowstone doesn’t accept bear containers so that is mailed back home and we bought rope to hang food. This is just the opposite of what we have done in the past.

This is a pretty area with red and white-layered lava walls called breccia that are eroded and picturesque. Lots of water is flowing here, which makes lush foliage and mosquitoes. Trails from here to Yellowstone are heavily used by packhorses…ugh. The last 2 times that horses have passed us on the trail one of the horses has bolted when it got to us standing beside the trail as required. It is not a good feeling to be beside an out-of-control horse and panicky rider. We also expect to see lots of other hikers.

The best part of today was walking up a creek to a marsh that was the divide. We walked a short distance past the marsh and then were walking down a creek, so it was up the Pacific and down the Atlantic side all in a short distance.

Early to bed…we won’t get wealthy & wise but will probably see interesting sights tomorrow. We know we will have wet feet tomorrow. About 100 yards away is a ford of Cub Creek. A few miles further to fords of South Fork and Soda Fork of the Buffalo River. Both should be at least knee deep.

… Gottawalk

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