Day 091 Lester Pass

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7/26, day 91, ~18 miles, 10,800′
We continued to walk through a landscape that looked like Scotland. Rocks strewn through green hills and dotted with lakes. Many of the lakes were quite large. Also many had no name or were named in groups.

Again we had a stream ford before 8 am. Brrr. We were already cold, so we hiked fast to warm up. At another early morning stream we did our laundry. It mostly dried today.

We met a family from Boston who had been hiking for 11 days. They were going the opposite direction that we are. They said we were in for really great scenery. We told them the same.

We were trying to set ourselves up to climb Lester Pass early tomorrow morning. We planned to climb 2 passes of 10,800 feet after 6 pm. Ken goofed in his planning. There was a third pass of 11,000 feet right after the first 2. We made all 3 passes, but ended up camping at 10,800 feet. A cold night will follow.

… Gottawalk

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