Day 088

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7/23, day 88, ~23 miles, 10,950′
Progress! We began the day with blue lupine blooming in the sagebrush and listening to the cows bawl. We finished the road walk this morning at the trailhead that will lead us to the Cirque of the Towers. The forest burned several years ago and the aspen and pines are thick and about head high. Wildflowers are present in a huge variety, water is running from snow patches and lakes. Of course that also means mosquitoes.

We followed the Sweetwater River up to its headwaters, crossed a gap and immediately found the Popo Agie River headwaters. We washed road dust off in the Sweetwater and then had to ford the Popo Agie (Indian meaning where the reeds grow). As we were wet hail fell thick enough to cover the trail. We each hugged a tree, then hiked on 10 minutes later.

We followed the Ice Lakes Trail into the basin. We highly recommend this route. It is such a beautiful area and very welcome after the sagebrush and heat. The mountains are mostly glacier carved rock with dozens of lakes.

We’re cozy in our tent listening to the patter of a light rain and the buzz of mosquitoes at the screen door while we look out at a blue & gold sunset over the peaks. The capper is eating meringues that Marta sent. Who could ask for anything more?

… Gottawalk

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