Day 087

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7/22, day 87, ~29 miles, 9200′
What a day! Another bushwhack and hours in the dense forest made us both realize that we could get seriously lost without the GPS as a safety backup. We don’t have enough food if we don’t make enough progress. It made sense to backtrack out of the mountains almost to South Pass City and road walk 23 miles on the Oregon Trail to Sweetwater Guard Station which is another trail head into the Winds. (This is the option that the other hikers tried first, but we felt was an easy out.) So today was another hot day in the sage. The cows provided the humorous relief this evening trying to cross the road before we were too close.

We camped beside the road in a drainage ditch, because it was the only flat smooth area. It wasn’t one of our better ideas because as soon as the tent was up the rain and lightning started. We had waited until the last light, so it was too dark and wet to move. Fortunately the rain drains quickly in the sand. We slept soundly and the cows didn’t disturb us.

… Gottawalk

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