Day 086 Sioux Pass

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Subject: 7/21, day 86, ~12 miles, 9200′
We got up in Lander again, both nights unplanned. Don and Shannon joined us for breakfast which we all enjoyed with lots of laughing. They are taking a zero day and we talked to Brenna who is a descendent of Sacagawea and has oral tradition history. Brenna went out of her way to take us to South Pass City where we picked up our trail again and headed into the Wind River Mtns, out of the desert finally. We have several maps and only one has coordinates. The guide describes a route that may be built using terms like convoluted, confusing, nonexistent. There is no tread, no tree blazes, no signage, no clues as to where to go. We tried and ended at Sioux Pass, so we came back down and camped. The problem besides no coordinates is that we are in such dense forest (tough, slow bushwhacking) that we couldn’t be certain of landmarks and trying to transfer waypoints to another map by matching margins is not an accurate exercise in the field. So, over the course of the day, we hiked lots of miles and have a very small CDT gain. We’ll try again in the morning. The upside is that this area is very pleasant with interesting rocks.

… Gottawalk

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