Day 082

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7/17, day 82, 24.8 mi.
Mother Nature is tricky. We planned our day with an early start, long lunch with a nap out of the sun and hiking late in the cool evening past sunset. It was a good plan through the nap and then thunder & lightning started. We were going to ignore the weather and hike on. Then suddenly a torrential rain started and everything was soaked as we threw up the tent. We figure that this area got half its annual rainfall right then.

The best part of the day was two herds of horses. They are large and well muscled and all colors. Their manes and tails look like carved carrousel horses’. The second good part of the day was that the jeep trail now has turns in it and some hills so hiking is more interesting.

The funny happening today was a traffic jam. I turned around to tell Ken that a truck was approaching and saw a pickup behind Ken! This was after not seeing anyone. We were all polite and took turns on the two track. I was surprised that the drivers didn’t ask what we were doing or if we needed water like NM rural drivers did.

We even enjoyed the rain.

… Gottawalk

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