Day 081

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Ummm. We seem to have note written a journal entry for this date.
I remember it being a dry, hot day in which we say only Raffi. We stopped for water at Bull Springs and Raffi showed up coming down the stream from the water hole. The water at Bull Springs was among the worst on the CDT. Cattle and wild horses have trampled the springs and stream. The water hole was just the drainage from this horrible mess, but it was water. We didn’t see a hint of water anywhere else.

As we left Bull Spring a herd of cattle got on the 2 track rod in front of us. We knew what was going to happen, but we couldb’t prevent it. The cattle ran in front of us in the heat. They kept several hundred yards ahead of us so we couldn’t get around them. They also fouled the trail as they ran ahead. After about 5 miles the cattle were hot and tired. Some of the calves were starting to foam at the mouth. We decided we had to bushwhack a wide path around them through the nasty sagebrush. After several tries we got finally ahead of them. Another dumb cow adventure.


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