Day 078 Bridger Pass Road

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7/13, day 78, 7600′, 26 miles
To beat the heat we were on the road before 6 am. Bridger Pass was the high point and we reached it at 11 am. It had one bush taller than sage so we squeezed in the shade for lunch. The temperature was over 90*. The pass had a good view of the Atlantic Rim.

The only water we saw was Muddy Creek and the cows were there when we got there. Filtering then adding Gatorade helped but it is best not to think when drinking. Water hotter than body temp is not thirst quenching. We talk about Coke, ice, OJ, fruit and even diet Dr. Pepper.

The next good water is at Teton Reservoir. – 12 miles away. If we want a cool drink…

When we got the paved highway we decide that a cool drink in Rawlins sounded better than trying to hitch to Teton Reservoir. We’ll be back tomorrow.

… Gottawalk

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