Day 076 Bear Creek

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7/11, day 76, 17.2 mi, 10,850′
Anyone who wants a divide trek without hiking should be here because all hiking is on forest roads. We haven’t seen anybody.

Encampment was a hard-to-resupply-in town with a 2 mile hike to restaurants. We found a laundramat but the dryer didn’t dry our clothes. The best part was an offer of a ride back to the divide when we were at the PO. We carried our damp clothes in a brown sack and got organized at the trailhead when Travis, wife Carol and grandsons Lucas & Matt dropped us off.

We hiked past Bridger (Jim really got around the western states) Peak and can see the great divide basin in the distance. It is also called the red desert and is our goal. Our hiking distance is now dictated by water. As we hike the spruce becomes more sparse in the ravines and we spend more time on ridges in sage and lupine. We also saw a sego lily!

We camped by Bear Creek, a tiny trickle of water.

… Gottawalk

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