Day 074 Wyoming

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7/9, day 74, 10,188′, 19.5mi.
Wyoming! The trail was as eager to get there as we were because it went due north with one slight jog west, all right on the divide.

Hiking was up and down and the sun was hot. We each got 1 liter of water at noon. Next water was at 7:30 tonight right where Jonathan Ley said it would be. And we scared up 3 elk at the water.

We hiked through the Routt Divide Blowdown. Two years ago winds of 120 mph blew down an incredible number of pines and aspen. The blowdowns are spread, mostly in patches, over 20 x 50 miles (my guess). We saw one mountainside this morning where more than 95% of the trees were down. Of those standing, most had broken off tops.

We plan to hike 19 miles to the pass above Encampment, WY. where we have a resupply box. The tricky part is that hitching is illegal in WY. Somehow…

WY has telephone birds, too. I think they really are a kind of junco. Ospreys were nesting at Twin Lakes.

… Gottawalk

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