Day 073

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7/8, day 73, 11,880′, 24.8 mi.
The hikers, bikers and trail that we had yesterday all disappeared today. We did lots of cross-country through bogs and over rocks. This area reminds me of Tahoe and the Sierra.

Thunder rolled and lightning flashed for hours this afternoon, constantly. I didn’t know that they could be incessant. Of course it rained so we thought we would end the day at a campground. Shhh! It’s a group CG that’s empty except for us and the deer that are waiting for us to leave something unattended. We went around the gate toward the river to get water and found this wonderful, empty campsite.

To get to the next trailhead we had to walk on a forest road while it was raining. A car stopped and offered a ride, messages to anyone that might be worried about us, trail mix and a diet Dr Pepper. I can’t believe it, but we took the last and had it with dinner. Ken said that he didn’t that he would ever like diet Dr Pepper but it was good with black beans and brown rice.

Clouds made a gorgeous sunset. We and our gear will dry tomorrow morning before the next rain storm.

… Gottawalk

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