Day 072 Mt Zirkel Wilderness

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7/7, day 72, 18 mi., 10,155′

We are very thankful for family and friends. We appreciate all that you do and think of you as trail angels.

Hiking between Rabbit Ears and Buffalo Passes was a sensory delight with running creeks, lakes nearby and in the distance and fluffy clouds, and eventually a light rain. Lots of people were out for the day hiking and biking. Many were so excited about our hike that they wanted to help us along and offered food. We turned it all down with thank you’s until one woman offered oranges. That will be dessert.

We entered Mt Zirkel Wilderness just before camping tonight, zipping the tent quickly to get away from the mosquitoes that had, in spite of DEET, pestered us all day.

One trailhead said Wyoming trail #1101! We are approaching another state where the guidebook goes the same way we do.

One interesting fact: while in Steamboat Springs we were at the lowest elevation since Grants, NM.

… Gottawalk

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