Day 065

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Subject: 6/30, day 65, 20 mi, 12,200′ elev
We don’t have our guide for this section. We guessed at the mileage.

This morning started out with a search for trail indicated on our map. It was back to cross country after a waste of time and effort, but an easy traverse to Rollins Pass. A V-tail plane flew over at the pass! Where are Marta & Bert?

We can tell that we are farther north. Snow patches are larger and more frequent. Lots of water is running and we see more wild flowers.

Tonight ended with Trail, cairns, CDT emblems and signs, sometimes all visible at once. The strange part is that the trail didn’t match what was indicated on our map. Oh, well, we just go and north is a good direction.

We are down low, 9300′ and walked through forest on smooth trail beside a creek lined with flowers. Birds were singing and we couldn’t believe the number of butterflies.

… Gottawalk

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