Day 064 Past James Peak

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6/29, day 64, 12 mi
Woo-hoo! Today was awesome! All hiking up to now was just preparation for today. Trail undefined with exposure. Five peaks over 13,000. We climbed to the peak of 4, and skirted the rocky top of the other. We came down to saddles between peaks until the last that was just a notch. That we rock climbed using hands and feet. I was amazed how strong my arms and legs were with a backpack on. Beautiful blue and white Ice Lake was below. Ken carried the camera because he knew Marcia couldn’t climb and shoot.

Between the last 2 was a rocky notch. It was very steep going down, and a rock climb coming out.

Before the first peak we found a shallow dip out of the wind where we crouched down for “tea” of Gatorade and cookies from Janet. She and her mom both baked entries for the Alameda Co Fair and we had award winning molasses and award winning peanut butter. This is what powered us through the day!

Right after tea Ken lost the tip of his trekking pole in a rock scramble. We’ll try to get it replaced, but he had to do the hardest day with a broken pole.

By mid afternoon the sun was crimson with dark horizontal bands from smoke. The dimmer light gave the day a strange feel. We hiked until almost 9:00 with two day hikers that we met on James Peak. Campsites found in the dark are lumpy.

… Gottawalk

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