Day 062

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6/27, day 62, 17 miles, 12,400 elev
We left Silverthorne at 8 am. The first 7 miles were a steady climb from 9200 feet to 11,900 on Ptarmigan Mtn.

We met a local who was out for a run with her 2 dogs. She was just back from a trip to ANWAR in Alaska. She said they migrated with a growing herd of caribou. The herd finally reached about 3000.

We are finding that the trails in this area are not well marked, No signs at all, and few cairns. The trail goes into meadow and disappears. We spend lots of time searching for the trail.

We raced the rain again today and got a chilly rain for about a hour. That makes us hike fast to keep warm.

We went over a pass late this afternoon and birds that sounded like gulls were crying. They seemed out of place to me.

Our great campsite came equipped with a little critter that tried to get into our tent several times during the night.

… Gottawalk

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