Day 060 Silverthorne

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6/25, day 60, 16 miles, 11,900 elev
We continued our walk on the Gore Range Trail. The trail climbs for a bit, then levels out. It makes for an easy, enjoyable climb.

Just before we reached Uneva Pass this morning 4 elk posed at the top of the pass – 2 bulls with velveted antlers and 2 cows. As always by the time the camera was ready the elk were gone. The elk seem to have the timing down pat.

Then Ken disturbed 7 marmots feasting on the lush plants. They ran to the rocky ledge and scolded him…we got their pictures.

We were still hiking on the boggy, wet mountain. Sloshing through a wet spot, we missed the junction, realized that something was wrong and took a GPS waypoint, plotted it on the map an were right where we were supposed to be but no trail was visible. With effort we figured out that that we were 140′ too high, directly over a vertical drop to the trail.

We hiked into Silverthorne this afternoon. A runner offered us a ride, but understood why we couldn’t accept his kind offer. We ate at McDonalds. A kind family watched us. When we called Holiday Inn Express to get a room they offered us a ride to their motel – Comfort Suites. It is nice; we got a discount; and the desk clerk put us across from the laundry room. Ahh, the life of a thru-hiker.

… Gottawalk

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