Day 055 Twin Lakes

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6/20, day 55, 12,580′, 22.7 mi.
We went over Lake Ann Pass and Hope Pass so we climbed 4080′ plus all the extra up and down.

We got to Lake Ann Pass early this morning so the cornice stretching across the top was frozen too solid for steps. The sun peeked over the rocks while we searched for possible routes on the rocks around the ice. When we tried the cornice again Ken could chip steps.

Lake Ann was so beautiful that I just kept taking more pictures. On the trail we met BJ who has been carrying equipment from the trailhead to Lake Ann for a couple of weeks to study sedimentation rates for high alpine lakes. Thus, he has met most of this year’s NoBo CDT hikers and has become a stationery member of the moving society: he knew all the names and gossip and stories. We gave him his first hiker card and he was really pleased.

Beautiful scenery all day, but vertical trail. On the big climb we were cheered on by thunder and marmots. A squirrel scolded us with a ratchet sounding voice, and his tail moved in rhythm. In a flat aspen forest at the end of the day a hummingbird refused to believe that we were not food, attacking both of us then sitting in the nearest branch watching us.

It rained on us just as we were going to sleep. We had to bring our shoes inside, just in case it continued. Of course that was when it stopped. The shopkeeper thinks it rained because she asked her nephew to wash the window. Since it wasn’t enough rain, she plans to ask him to wash the car today.

… Gottawalk

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