Day 053 Mirror Lake campground

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6/18, day 53, 22.4 mi., 12,500’
What a beautiful area we are hiking through! We started at a lake in a forest, climbed up to a pass with everything (rocks, flowers, lakes and views) and walked along a railroad bed last used in 1910 and passed old mining towns.

We met a fisherman from PA at the pass. He was watching for us – he had talked to hikers just ahead of us. He gave us an apple. Later at the road junction Marcia talked a tourist out of a Coke. Good lunch.

We went up over Tincup Pass (great name) sharing the road with dirt bikes, ATV’s, and mtn bikes. Tincup was one of the places that we monitored snow last winter. It has streams that the beaver have dammed. Ken finally saw a beaver swimming this evening right before Mirror Lake. We’ve been watching for busy beavers. We think they spend all their time in their dams.

We camped at the lake campground because I really like a table, water, garbage cans, and toilets. I remembered why I have a mad passion for toothbrushes. I want to use my current one for nails and feet and start a fresh toothbrush.

… Gottawalk

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