Day 051 After Marshall Pass

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Ship via UPS. The lodge says the packages get held at the Post Office down the highway.

Ken or Marcia Powers
C/O Monarch Mountain Lodge
22720 West US Highway 50
Garfield, CO 81227

CDT through hiker
Estimated Pick-up Date 6/21/2002
Will hold packages 30 days.

6/16, day 51, 11,600, 10.2 mi.
Eek! Too many people! At Marshall Pass yesterday at 6 pm we talked to a bicyclist, asked him the forecast as it looked like rain. He said he was doing 20 more miles in the dark and told Ken to Pancha Creek (crick). Last we saw of him I told Ken he was going down the wrong road.

We camped and heard a vehicle (with 2 way radio) drive up the mountain and back at 2 am. At 8 this morning Search & Rescue was looking for us because other hikers said we talked to the biker who was called in missing by his wife. Then S&R mountain bikers came to talk to us.

I jogged to the trailhead to beat the rest of the crowd and Ken found us a ride to Salida.

Wish I had the rest of the story on Tony, the missing mountain biker.

Today’s hiking was the ultimate. It all came together: views, smooth trail, small elevation changes, fast! I really enjoyed moving with a light pack. I also got some good pictures (even forget-me-nots).


We have been getting questions about the many forest fires in Colorado.

I talked to a lady in Lake City who seemed to know what was happening with all the fires. She pointed out the areas in which the fires are burning on a Colorado map.

The fires are around the perimeter of the state (relative to us). There are no fires on or near the CDT at this time. The fires are in the SE, SW, NW, and East of us.

I also spoke with Colorado Trail hikers who were coming the opposite direction. They said they had smoke a couple of days, but were not threatened by fire.

Right now our biggest concern is that the US Forest Service will close a national forest that we plan to hike through. So far we haven’t heard of any threatened closures.

… Gottawalk

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