Day 049

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6/14, day 49, 22 miles, 11,800 elev
Seems like today was spent on the divide. That makes for hard hiking. We climb the ridge to the high point, then drop to the saddle below. The elevation changes are typically 300 – 400 feet. That is not a lot, but after a while it is really difficult.

We spent almost 2 hours at noon lost. We were transitioning between trail sections. We missed reading the part where we were supposed to walk up the road .7 miles. It didn’t make sense since we had been walking along the road for the last mile to end the section.

We ended the day with a long, difficult hike to a junction above a lake. Then we had to drop steeply 250 feet to get water from the lake. Saw 3 deer on the last ridge top. Most deer we have seen in one place in Colorado.

… Gottawalk

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