Day 047

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6/12, day 47, 17.2 miles, 12,860′
Sitting on rocks at lunchtime with a little creek beside us and a marmot “meep-meeping” at us because we are sitting on his rocks. We already did a big climb straight up and are now going to climb up to San Luis Pass (we could go down from there into Creede, CO). I forgot to say that we have been hiking in the Rio Grande headwaters and drainage!

This is the La Garita Wilderness, which is dotted with old growth (400 years) forests that look kind of scraggly because of downed trees. We are descending through the trees following the Cochetopa Creek. The creek has been dammed by beavers so frequently that the resulting ponds make water terraces. We haven’t seen any beavers, though. We did see and hear a group (Boy Scouts?) far below us today.

Our miles will be easier tomorrow without any steep climbing. That combined with lighter packs (food consumption) make us think we can hike more miles.

… Gottawalk

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