Day 041 Squaw Pass

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6/6, day 41, 19 mi., 12,499′
Our campsite is at Squaw Pass in the pines with a carpet of tiny yellow lilies as far as we can see. The evening is so calm that we are dining out on a big log, drinking hot chocolate and eating chex mix while black beans, brown rice and corn salsa simmer. We need showers but we’re civilized.

We are due west and slightly south of our lunch spot due to the convolutions of the divide.

Hiking was so great today. We went up ridge after ridge. It was fun cruising, looking ahead to the next ridge.

I like morning hiking because the snow has solidified enough for safe steps and melted water isn’t running in the bogs. Mud freezes and I can walk right over it. The morning sky is clear until afternoon and if there is wind it is merely a breeze.

… Gottawalk

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